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Select Juried Exhibitions

2022          Art Show International Gallery “4th Figurative Exhibition”,

                  August 2022; Pensive 

2022          Light Space & Time “14th Animals Exhibition” June 2022;


2022          Manhattan Arts International “The Healing Power of Color”;

                  Tulip Garden 52

2022          Manhattan Arts International “HerStory”; Kalk Bay Harbour

                  Water Abstract 93

2021          Contemporary Art Curator Magazine, POWER OF CREATIVITY                    INTERNATIONAL ART PRIZE

2021          Grey Cube Gallery, Water Art Show; Marseille Water Abstract                        808, Bass Lake Water Abstract 33

2021          M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Coming Out Show; Peony Portrait 64,

                  Roatan Water Abstract 544, Sunset Beach Sand 22

2021          Art Fluent, LUMIÈRE; Croatia Water Abstract 269

2021          Healing Power of Art and Artists - The Healing Power of ART In

                  Honor of Nature; Cape Fear River Water Abstract 828

2021          Contemporary Art Curator Magazine – Infinite Dreams;

                  Croatian Water Abstract 89

2020          Las Laguna Gallery, CA; 2nd Half - 50 and Over Show;

                  Inner Harbor Study 119

2020          311 Gallery Annual Abstracts Matter, Raleigh, NC;

                  Inner Harbor Study 34

2019          Fusion Art, 5th Annual Colorful Abstractions;

                  Croatian Water Abstract 89

2019          Women’s Essence Show, Venice, Italy;

                  Croatian Water Abstract 8

2019          Blink Art, Cincinnati, OH; Miss Peony

2018          Specto Art Space, Natural: Studies of Wonder, Bridgewater, VA;                    Cozumel Water Abstract Study 2

2018          Fusion Art 4th Annual Leaves & Petals; Miss Peony


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