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Elbow Cay, Abacos Islands, Bahamas

I have to admit that I had a biased view of the Bahamas.  I thought all the islands were "tourist traps".  Then I discovered the Abacos islands while looking for a place to take the "kids" on vacation.  I discovered Elbow Cay, a beautiful 8-mile long Cay.  Sadly, the island was hit hard by a category 5 Hurricane in October 2020.   The community is rebuilding the island; the main town, Hopetown, is aptly named and I wish them all the best as the residents rebuild their lives.  It is a beautiful island with wonderful people.


As is my norm when I travel, I spend time walking along waterfronts to look at reflections.  In Hopetown I focused on taking images of the mooring pilings.

Elbow Cay.jpg
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