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Sunset Beach Pier

Sunset Beach, NC is a special place.  It is a small barrier island and is the southernmost town in North Carolina. Most of the island consists of beach homes with a few shops and small hotels.  There is a town ordinance that no building can be higher than  35 feet.  This, together with the island being one of the last to have a span bridge constructed to cross the intracoastal waterway, has kept development from getting out of hand on the island.  It's a family destination for people who want to relax and enjoy the ocean and walk the beach. 


There's a 900 foot fishing pier in the middle of the island that's a favorite subject of photographers including me.

Over the years my focus of taking photographs of the pier changed from including the actual pier structure to abstract images. I am much more interested in what's happening in the water and sand that include the pier.  A few images in this series look like a pier; the rest include reflections of part or all of the pier.  I find it relaxing to direct my camera to the sand, listen and watch the waves advance and retreat, and observe the ever changing view.  

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